Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child bring with them to camp?
Your child should bring a refillable water bottle labeled with their name to ensure they stay hydrated. During outdoor activities we will be sure to take scheduled water breaks.

All campers will receive a camp t-shirt and they should wear it to camp for all four days?
Outdoor shoes
Day 4: A extra pair of dry clothes, towel, water clothes.

Will all my children be together during the day?
All the campers will be split up by grade and will be assigned a counselor. During our large group events and indoor program, all kids will be together. However, they will be separated during rotation activities outside.

What is the age range of the counselors? Who are they and how are they recruited?
All lead counselors will be 16+ and many groups will have a junior counselor (13-15) that will act as an assistant to the lead counselor

When is drop off and pick up? What the earliest a child can be dropped off?
During Kids Blast our doors open at 8am. If you need to drop off before 7:30am we have pre-camp care available upon request.

What age do children need to be to attend camp?
Incoming kindergarteners-Outgoing fifth graders

Are campers allowed to be picked up early?
The day ends at 4pm. If you need to pick up a child before 4pm, we can arrange for that.

Is my child able to miss a day of camp?
Yes. Although, we will be sad to see them miss a day!

Can my child bring their prescribed medicine with them?
We have a registered nurse on our Kids Blast Summer staff – we highly encourage you to bring prescribed medication and we will check it in with our nurse.

What is my child going to learn about?
Throughout the four days we are going to learn all 8 fruit of the spirit (Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self control)

Will lunch and snack be provided for my child?
Everyday at camp a lunch and snack will be provided.

What is the food plan for at the Museum?
While at the museum, campers will have the choice between a turkey or a ham sub from Subway.

Does camp offer an extended day program?
We will have childcare available until 5pm every day of camp for those parents who need the extra time to get out of work. This is available upon request.

How do you deal with nut allergies an/or other allergies?
Part of the registration process asks for allergies. We make accommodations to those children with allergies. We also have a nut free camp this year.

Who are you Medical Personnel?
We will have a registered nurse/EMT on site every day of camp.

Can we put your child and their friend in the same group?
This year all of the kids are going into Tribes specific to their grades.

Is there Financial Assistance?
If you need financial assistance to pay for the camp registration, that can be made available upon completion and acceptance of the Financial Assistance Form in the registration process.