Session 7: Chili Campus

Date: March 24

Time: 5:30 to 9:00pm


Watch Leadership Academy session 7 videos below! 

The servant-leader seeks to convince others, rather than coerce compliance. This particular element offers one of the clearest distinctions between the traditional authoritarian model and that of servant-leadership. The servant-leader is effective at building consensus within groups.

Reading: Greenleaf pgs 42-44

Self leaders know how to work with others in order to develop their own skills – identify people that can help you develop to becoming a high achiever in all areas

Reading: Blanchard pgs 81-93

As the task becomes greater the need for teamwork increases – discuss your teams task and the level of teamwork needed

Reading: Maxwell pgs 113-114

Take the idea of “spiritual impact happens the other 6 days” to your team – identify how this can look each week?