Session 5: Chili Campus

Date: March 10

Time: 5:30 to 9:00pm


Watch Leadership Academy session 5 videos below! 

The servant-leader is deeply committed to the growth of each and every individual within his or her organization. The servant-leader recognizes the tremendous responsibility to do everything in his or her power to nurture the personal and professional growth of employees and colleagues.

Reading: Greenleaf pgs 53-54

How to move from an enthusiastic beginner; to a disillusioned learner; to a capable but cautious performer; and finally, to a high achiever.

Reading: Blanchard pgs 81-93

Developing a deep bench requires good recruiting and development – help to identify future members to our staff team and discuss how to develop them

Reading: Maxwell pgs 161-177

Take the idea of “passionate task is attached to why” to your team – identify 5 things your team does and attached them to one of the 6 whys