Session 4: Online

Date: March 20

Time: Complete by Sunday

Session Instructions:

  1. WATCH – the session videos below
  2. RESPOND – to the three questions in the comment section below.


The servant-leader strives to understand and empathize with others. People need to be accepted and recognized for their special and unique spirits. One assumes the good intentions of co-workers and colleagues and does not reject them as people, even when one may be forced to refuse to accept certain behaviors or performance.

Reading: Greenleaf: pgs 33-35

To increase your competence you need direction and to build commitment you need support.

Reading: Blanchard: pgs 65-80

Bad attitudes on the team spread faster than positive ones – discuss times when your bad attitude has affected your team.

Reading: Maxwell: pgs 103-116


Answer each of the questions below in the comment section.

VIDEO #1: Spiritual Leadership – What is one way you can practice empathy to someone you lead this week?

VIDEO #2: Self Leadership – Select one area of your leadership and identify where you are on the competency/commitment continuum.

VIDEO #3: Peer Leadership – How can you apply the “Law of the Bad Apple” to your own attitude this week?