Session 2: Online

Date: February 28

Time: Complete by Sunday

Session Instructions:

  1. WATCH – the session videos below
  2. RESPOND – to the three questions in the comment section below.


All that is needed to rebuild community as a viable life form for large numbers of people is for enough servant-leaders to show the way, not by mass movements, but by each servant-leader demonstrating his or her unlimited liability for a quite specific community- related group.

Reading: Greenleaf: pgs 50-53

An assumed constraint is a belief you have, based on your past experience, that limits your current and future experiences

Reading: Blanchard: pgs 18-42

Great teammates are made of people that understand teams accomplish more than individuals – discuss how our work team gets things done together

Reading: Maxwell: pgs 1-14


Answer each of the questions below in the comment section.

QUESTION #1: Spiritual Leadership – Who will you show “unlimited liability” (love) this week and how will you do it?

QUESTION #2: Self Leadership – How will you challenge your assumed constraints this week?

QUESTION #3: Peer Leadership – What can you do this week to increase your teamwork ability?