Monday Nights at the Prayer Chapel provide space and time to gather together for prayer, community and the opportunity to learn and grow in our faith.

Courses are offered in short, 3-4 week modules, and will cover a variety of topics pertaining to the Christian life, spiritual disciplines and theology.  We will be inspired, challenged and built up in your faith along with others who are seeking after God along side us.

Every few weeks new courses will be offered. So, check back frequently and you will find more opportunities to learn and grow!



We begin the next course on May 8th. This first class will overlap with and allow our new participants to connect with those completing their course that finishes the same evening.

Time Commitment: 9 Monday nights starting May 8

Cost: $100



God tells us in His word that he has given us the Holy Spirit as a helper, comforter and guide.  The HolySpirit is given to all who chose to follow Jesus and navigate this life. This course is an introduction to the powerful person, works and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  You will learn how to identify the impact of the Holy Spirit in your life and understand how to listen to His whispers and respond accordingly.  Join us an learn how you can unleash the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Time Commitment
: 3 consecutive Monday nights in February starting May 8.

Cost: $20



One of the most powerful things a believer can learn to do is pray. Yet most people struggle in this area.The goal of School of Prayer is to provide you with a thorough biblical instruction in the art of prayer, to remove common hinderances to the practice of prayer and infuse you with a passion for daily communication with God. This month we are offering the Intermediate Level (Beginner and Advanced will be offered again in the future), which is designed to help you develop more effective practices of prayer for you your families and community as an intercessor.

Time Commitment: 3 consecutive Monday nights starting May 8

Cost: $20



When and where is it?

Courses will be held on May 8, 15 and 22 at the building on the 692 Paul Road property across from the Chili Campus.

How long is it?

Each night the program will run from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm

How much does it cost?

$20 Per person

Why is there a cost?

The cost covers course materials, books and refreshments.

Can I split the cost and books with a friend?

Unfortunately no, as you will be writing in the books and the course materials.

Do I need a special Bible?

No. Any current translation will suffice. The English Standard Version (ESV) or the New Living Translation (NLT) are great translations, but there are many good versions to choose from.

Can I use a digital Bible or do I need a paper Bible?

You need to bring a paper Bible, as many of the study tools we will explore require writing in the Bible. You can bring a digital version as well to supplement if you would like to do so.

Do I need a journal?

We will provide you with a booklet to write in, however you may choose to bring a personal journal as well.

Is there childcare?

Unfortunately there isn’t childcare for this program at this time.

What will a typical night be like?

See the sample agenda below.


Sample Monday Evening Schedule:

• 6:15 – Doors Open
• 6:30 – Prayer Chapel
• 6:50 – Transition to Classrooms
• 7:00 – Session 1
• 7:35 – Break
• 7:45 – Session 2
• 8:20 – Application
• 8:30 – End Program