Volunteering at the Life Center

Are you interested in volunteering at The Father’s House Life Center? It’s an experience that will enrich your life in ways you can’t even imagine. (We know – we’ve seen it in our own lives!

The Volunteer Opportunities are:

Every Tuesday between 4:30-7pm
Every Saturday between 9:30am-12pm

Below are brief descriptions of the roles available. Take a look, pray about which role is best for you, and then click on the button at the bottom of this page to sign up for a date that works for your schedule.

Life Center Teams

Transportation Team: Involves helping to distribute food from church campus to Life Center

Check-in Team: This team welcomes guests, checks them in, and prints them a ticket that can then be redeemed for groceries.

Buddy Team: In this role, you will guide guests through the entire process from getting their bag to praying with them if they are open to it. Buddies may also refer guests to one of our on-site social workers for information about services available in the community.

Bag Packing & Distribution Team: In this role, you will greet guests and determine the number of people in their households and distribute the appropriate number of grocery bags.

Clothes Sorting & Distribution Team: Members of this team will organize and sort clothes, interact personably with guests to help them select and receive clothes and accessories.

Hospitality Team: As a member of this team you will set the coffee and desserts out for our guests and serve them as they come through the center. Members of this team oversee the lounge area where our guests sit and enjoy their refreshments.

Community Resource Team: Members of this team are trained individuals that volunteer their time as social workers or health care professionals that guide individuals who may benefit from other services available in the community.

Security Team: These Security professionals check volunteers and guests into the building, and monitor activity to ensure a safe environment for all.


TFH Life Center Director
Jeremy Boehlke


TFH Life Center Director
Jeremy Boehlke