$80,000 pre-funded the God Behind Bars ministry setup and a portion of the first year’s costs. Negotiations with the NY Department of Correctional Services to obtain approval are well underway.


On April 15th we had the opportunity to meet with the Deputy Director (number 2 in charge) and all of the faith based directors for the state of New York. I had four of our team members there including our Executive Director of Community Corrections, Raeanne Hance and our CFO, Dave Martin. According to the team the meeting was huge success as they felt everyone walked away from the table excited about the future.

There were a couple of due diligence questions that they still wanted to get answered and they promised us that they would be back in the next couple of weeks with next steps. I expect to hear from them any day and we will have a deeper level of next steps available for you but I feel extremely confident about the state of New York and GBB’s participation in their re-entry efforts. Again, thank you for your trust and patience in this process. Please let me know if I can do anything else to serve you in the meantime.

Jake Bodine


28,000 lbs of wheat was sent to Haiti in May/June 2018 through our partners Elevating Christian Ministries. This wheat is providing a long-term source of nutrient-rich bread to make around 160,000 bread rolls which is enough to feed about 800 kids for an entire school year.


$10,000 funded the continued training of around 100 pastors in our Spanish pastor’s network (Haciendo Iglesia) that Pastor Pierre returned from in October 2018.


$10,000 funded the 3rd annual Hope Festival through the Life Center which took place on August, 26 2018. Jesus shared through food, clothes, smiles and simple acts of kindness.


250,000 FMSC meals we packed during our Hope Weekend in August. 164,000 meals were shipped to Haiti and 86,000 meals to Zambia, feeding hungry and often malnourished children.