Replication Through Co-Leader Development

Who: Every TFH Group Leader

When: Ongoing

Win: Every leader identifies & trains one member who will one day lead another TFH Group

Best Practices:

  • Identify – Identify potential Co-Leaders as an ongoing part of leadership responsibilities

  • Approval – The leader discusses the proposed apprentice with their TFH Groups Coach

  • Develop – The TFH Group Leader and Co-Leader meet for 30 minutes before or after each group, to talk through the weekly discussion topic, meeting tasks and followup

  • The Co-Leader Development Plan – The co-leader completes all discussion topics, activities and tasks for each of the eight weeks outlined in the TFH Co-Leader Development Plan

  • Communicate – The leader lets the Coach or TFH Groups staff member know when co-leader is ready to lead

  • Replicate – When ready, apprentice attends the New Leader Turbo Training and launches a new TFH Group with some of the members of the original group