Leading Great Prayer Times

Who: TFH Group Leader

Win: Regular time exists with in group time that includes short prayer requests and short prayers

Best Practices: The following are a few of options for how to facilitate prayer in a group.

  • First Time – The leader should close in prayer the first night of a group

  • Talk About It – Have a brief discussion before you close the group in prayer about prayer. Ask, “How comfortable is everyone with praying out loud?” Never ask anyone to pray unless you know they are comfortable praying out loud.

  • One Sentence Prayers – We may pray short sentence prayers like, “God I’m thankful for _____________________.” If a group member is not comfortable praying out loud, let them know they can always say, “I pass.”

  • Prayer Requests – If you have at least 10 minutes at the end of a group, you can ask for prayer requests. Just the process of asking for prayer requests can get quite lengthy. Encourage people to not pray for every request.

  • Popcorn Prayer – You can designate a person to open in prayer and designate a person to close in prayer. Let people pray in between as the Spirit moves them. For those praying in between the opening and closing, remind them to pray just a few short sentences and not to dominate.