Indicators of a Healthy Group

Who: TFH Group Leader When: Every group meeting

Win: Each group leader monitors the indicators and adjusts their leadership to ensure the group is healthy and growing

Best Practices:

  • Authentic Relationships – All members are consistently building healthy authentic relationships between one another. (Indicators may include the quality of conversation time, length of social time, frequency of attendance, topics of discussion, outside of group interactions, healthy conflict in discussion times)

  • Spiritual Growth – All members are taking their next step toward becoming a fully surrendered disciple of Jesus Christ. (Indicators may include curriculum discussion responses, personal conversations, progression through the spiritual formation journey, joining serve and mission teams, implementation of suggested next steps)

  • Inviting Environment – Every group meets regularly in an inviting and comfortable location. (Indicators may include being greeted warmly at the door, conversational environment, tidiness, comfortable seating, snacks and beverages, space to move around, clean restrooms nearby)

  • Leader Development – Every group has one or more members that are engaged in theTFH Leader Development process. (Indicators include having apprentices complete the weekly tasks on the Co-Leader Development Rubric)

  • Healthy Group Assessment Tool – Use the “Assessing the Health of My TFH Group” tool in the assist you in this area

  • Every Member Joins a Serve Team – A healthy group continues to add new members and help them take the next step on their spiritual journey by engaging in community and joining a TFH Serve Team