Group Leader Role Description

Win: Lead each person in the group to become a fully surrendered disciple of Jesus Christ

Best Practices:

  1. Lead

    • Move – Lead members to pursue a life of full surrender (reading, prayer, serving, giving, etc..)

    • Support – Help each person avoid the tendency to stray and help them join a TFH Serve Team

    • Care – Provide direct care support to members and communication to coaches

  2. Preserve

    • Honor – Honor the mission and vision of The Father’s House

    • Prayer – Attend corporate prayer two times a month

  3. Communicate

    • Curriculum – Group times, location and TFH announcements to group

    • Active Roster – Keep the roster accurate in the church database

    • Leader Meetings – Attend monthly TFH Group Leader meetings

  4. Replicate

    • Openness – Commit to adding new people

    • Leader Development – Continually develop and train up new co-leaders

    • Replication – Develop co-leaders to the point where they will eventually lead their own group