Coffee Conversations

Who: TFH Group Coaches & Leaders

When: Once a month with each leader they support

Win: Leader & coach meet monthly to discuss leadership growth and discuss a leadership resource

Best Practices:

  • Relationship – The coach and leader develop an authentic relationship over time.

  • Identify Target Areas – During the weekly phone call growth areas are identified.

  • Selecting Resources – Coach recommends a resource from the learning menu for discussion

  • Coffee Meeting – Coach and leader meet for a 30 minute coffee conversation to discuss:

    • Conversation Topic 1 – Personal stories (How are they doing in life, work and family)

    • Conversation Topic 2 – Connect stories (What is happening group and lives of members)

    • Conversation Topic 3 – Apprentice development (How apprentice is progressing on plan)

    • Conversation Topic 4 – Leadership growth (Leadership area they are focused on growing)

  • Practice New Learning – Leader practices new learning as they lead the group at next meeting

  • Follow Up & Feedback – Discussion occurs regarding how new strategy or ideas worked