Group Leader Commitment

Mission of a TFH Group Leader: Lead each person in my group to take the next step on their journey of becoming a fully surrendered disciple of Jesus Christ.

Roles of a TFH Leader: I will fulfill the following roles as a TFH Group Leader.

  • Lead – I will care for, protect and lead each member of my group toward full surrender

  • Preserve – I am a champion of the mission, vision and values of The Father’s House

  • Communicate – I communicate regularly with my members and leaders

  • Replicate – I am committed to growing this group through apprenticeship and replication

A Healthy TFH Group: I will lead my group to be healthy using the following 4 criteria:

  • My Commitment – A healthy group has a leader that is committed

  • Active Roster – A healthy group has between 6 and 12 active members

  • Apprentice Development – A healthy group has an apprentice that is learning to lead

  • Replication Plan – A healthy group is growing and has a replication plan

I am committed to allowing God to work through me to help group members identify and take their next step on the journey of becoming fully surrendered disciples of Jesus Christ. I am ALL IN!