Establishing Ground Rules

Who: Every person in a TFH Group

When: Every TFH Group Meeting

Win: Every member of the group knows what is expected behavior for group interaction

Best Practices:

  • Ground Rule 1 – Relationship: We exist to build relationships

  • Ground Rule 2 – Participation: Everyone shares something

  • Ground Rule 3 – Listen: Listen, don’t fix. Don’t have side conversations

  • Ground Rule 4 – Respect: Choose to respect everyone

  • Ground Rule 5 – Personalize: Use “I” rather than “you” statements

  • Ground Rule 6 – Finances: We don’t take offerings or collections

Ground Rule Guidelines:

  • Establish – Ground Rules should be discussed and agreed

  • Remind – Ground Rules should revisited at the beginning of each group discussion

  • Reinforce – Anyone can say “Ground Rules” as a way to address a member who forgets them