Door to Couch Experience

Who: TFH Group Leaders

When: Every TFH Group Meeting

Win: Every person who arrives at a TFH Group will feel as though they have arrived at the home of a loving and caring family member

Best Practices:

  • Initial Greeting – Greet members and guests at door as they arrive. Express genuine that they have arrived. Welcome each person as though they were a beloved family member

  • Building Relationships – Demonstrate care and love through specific questioning about their week, family members, work and other issues you may be aware of in their lives

  • Showing Honor – Treat each member as an honored guest. Ask if you can take their coat. Show them the restroom, the refreshments and introduce everyone to one another

  • Providing Refreshments – Ask if you can provide a drink and/or a snack while waiting for the group to begin (it does not need to be fancy; coffee, water and light snacks are enough)

  • Facilitating Connections – Introduce members and guests who may not know each other well. Make sure everyone knows each member’s name and a little bit about each other