Group Coach Role Description

Win: Help each leader they coach to become more effective at leading their members to become fully surrendered disciples of Jesus Christ

Best Practices:

  1. Lead

    • Move – Help each leader grow to be a fully surrendering disciple of Jesus and a fantastic leader

    • Support – Help each leader grow through conversations and group visits

    • Relationship – Support leaders (weekly phone calls, monthly coffee meetings and home visits)

  2. Preserve

    • Honor – Honor the mission and vision of The Father’s House

    • Health – Monitor group health and provide leaders with feedback

    • Prayer – Attend corporate prayer two times a month

  3. Communicate

    • Curriculum – Monitor group health and provide leaders with feedback

    • Communicate – Keep TFH Groups staff aware of health of each group

    • Active Roster – Ensure group active rosters are accurate

    • Leader Meetings – Help lead Turbo Trainings and monthly TFH Group Leader meetings

  4. Replicate

    • Leader Development – Help each leader develop co-leaders who will eventually lead their own groups

    • Plan – Strategically plan for growth and expansion