A Predictable Agenda

Who: TFH Group Leaders

When: Every TFH Group Meeting

Win: Every group follows a predictable timeline

Best Practices:

  • Start & End Time – Agree upon a start and end time up front and never deviate

  • Social Time – Plan social time for the first 15 – 20 minutes

  • Icebreaker Time – Begin with an ice breaker question to help people get to know each other

  • Video Time – Begin video at the same time each meeting

  • Discussion Time – Extract great conversations. Don’t teach. Ask questions, don’t tell answers.

  • Prayer Time – Leave 5-10 minutes for prayer before you end

  • Announcements – Conclude official part of group with announcements that need to be made. In particular, the leader should use the announcement time to help people join a serve team

  • Post Group Hang Out – Allow people to socialize following the official ending time