Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of groups are there?

We have groups for everyone.  Here are a sample of the kinds of groups we have.
  • Men’s Groups – Gathering with just men of any age
  • Sisterhood Groups – Gatherings of just women of any age
  • 20+ Groups – Young adults ages 18-25 gathering in mixed groups or in gender specific groups
  • 50+ Groups – Gatherings of adults ages 50 and up
  • Recovery Groups – Gatherings focused on help us overcome habits, hurts and hangups
  • Mixed Groups – Open groups with couples, singles and a mix of ages
  • Mommy Groups – Groups focused on mommies gathering during the day
  • Family Groups – Groups with kids included
  • Morning Bible Study Groups – Gatherings at coffee shops before work to study the Bible
  • Many more…

When do the groups meet?

At various times throughout each day of the week.

Where do they meet?

Groups gather in various places, including homes, coffee shops, community centers, campuses, diners and other locations.

How frequent are the meetings?

Most groups meet approximately every other week.

How long is a group meeting?

Most groups meet for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Can I start my own group?

Absolutely.  The first step is to sign up for our TFH Group Leader Turbo Training. Click here more information.

What do the groups do?

Each group has its own unique flavor and activities.  However, most groups have some social time, watch a short video or bible study and discuss what they learned. We ask all groups to include prayer as well.

What do the groups talk about?

Life.  We believe your life is your group and your group should be a part of your real life.  The material we use for our discussions is centered on the Bible and is intended to apply directly to our lives.

What if I have other questions?

Contact Aria Capuano at with any further questions you may have!