Session 8: Honesty

Session 8: Online

Date: May 1

Time: Complete by Sunday

Session Instructions:

  1. WATCH – the session videos below
  2. RESPOND – to the questions in the comment section below.


The ability to foresee the likely outcome of a situation is hard to define, but easier to identify. One knows foresight when one experiences it. Foresight is a characteristic that enables the servant-leader to understand the lessons from the past, the realities of the present, and the likely consequence of a decision for the future. It is also deeply rooted within the intuitive mind. Foresight remains a largely unexplored area in leadership studies, but one most deserving of careful attention.

Reading: Greenleaf: pgs 37-40

The 2 most important words in order to collaborate are “I Need” – discuss how to say I need to yourself and your leader

Reading: Blanchard: pgs 115-135

Winning teams change their plans to manage new situations and consistently monitor results – discuss how your team is doing and find adjustments

Reading: Maxwell: pgs 148-160


Answer each of the questions below in the comment section.

What is one thing you can do to cultivate the characteristic of foresight in your ministry leadership?

What is something in your leadership that you should say “I need” this week?

  • Marla Esposito

    Ya know… I often comment to friends that I feel like “I tire God out” with ALL… I ask of the Lord each day. Even tonight… I had spent 30 minutes collecting info and stats from my business team preparing for a weekly Newsletter that I do. OK… that was about 3PM this afternoon. I am VERY organized… but.. seriously could not find that Stat Sheet…… UGH!! The scripture says, “He is a very PRESENT help in time of trouble”…. I take much advantage of that promise and I call on the Lord ALL DAY LONG for helping me find things, having wisdom answering questions, having patience with others ect ect. SO…. when you’re asking what we/I can do to have more “Forsight”… answer would be…. I/we need to learn to immediately CALL on the LORD….

  • Barb Sartin

    Prayer is always the first course of action and should precede any and every step. The scoreboard comes into play as I determine what changes need to be made to achieve desired results. This may be changing how a task is done, the order in which they are completed, or team development. We cannot walk through life seeing things as good enough because things, people and situations change. In my ministry, I prepare for a constant change in people. This is because I find out their needs and we pray about the. My team works on weekdays and the needs, on the most part revolve around jobs. God is faithful and answers prayers. Knowing this, I also pray and ask God for what I foresee as a future need. I understand unless we know where we have been, where we are will we be able to determine where we want to be. We cannot get there without prayer and constant checking of the scoreboard.

  • Charlene Carley

    As a Connect Leader, I can cultivate foresight by assessing the needs of the ladies in my group. This can be done through consistent communication with them
    and by gauging where they are on the spiritual spectrum. For example, foresight lets you know that a new believer has very different spiritual needs than a
    fully surrendered follower of Christ. Prayer is also essential; during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit often speaks to my heart, revealing truth about situations I’m
    going through and guiding me in the direction I should take. I agree that these two words…….”I need” are very powerful! Wants and needs are very different.
    When you say “I need”, it implies you’re asking for something that is essential! Those two words immediately grab the attention of the person they are being
    spoken to. I want implies you have a desire, but its not a necessity. In my leadership role, I need prayer for God to strengthen me as a leader and help me
    facilitate spiritual growth in my Connect Group. I’m so grateful for a director and coach, who I know pray for me and my group on a regular basis!

  • Deborah Cline

    As a connect leader I can develop foresight by using situations in the past and present to predict the needs of the women in my connect group. By continual communication with them we can continue to develop a plan to help them move along the path to full surrender.

    I can talk to my leader about what I need to prepare a lesson plan and what kind of feedback I need.

  • Angela Tozer

    To cultivate foresight, I not only can consider what I have learned from the past experiences God has taken me through, but also consider the message God is sending me through the experiences of others around me. Being attentive to those messages helps me see the bigger picture of what lies ahead. In my leadership, I need to stay connected with other leaders. Even if their ministry areas differ from mine, I need their support and encouragement to keep growing as a leader.

  • Ashley Backhouse

    To cultivate foresight within my leadership I will resist the temptation to procrastinate which Greenleaf asserts greatly limits one’s ability to “take the right actions when there was freedom for initiative to act.” An early Bible verse my mother taught me was James 4:14– If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. By staying active in what I know to do in the present “now” I will set up the future “now” for success free from unethical failure as Greenleaf calls it.

    As a stay at home mom, I have told my husband that I need an activity outside of the home that provides an outlet for my creative energy & ministry. While I recognize there’s no such thing as “just a mom” I think by expressing this need & following through to find the right opportunity I will in turn become an even better mom in my day to day role.

  • susan tierson

    To cultivate to me means to keep watering turning the soil…..nurturing….For two years… I have been a witness to one of my group members in connect ..teetering to surrender to Our Lord…. Praying each week that she would feel the presence of God … Hear His whispers…. Prayer has been my go too….This class has helped tremendously… To be a better leader… sometimes just means to close my mouth and let God take over!!! And it happened!!! She was baptized!!! And has been telling me the door of blessings have been pouring in since then!!

  • susan tierson

    Sometimes I feel I need a strong , dependable asst… or apprentice to work beside me… I get weary without the support…I start questioning myself if I am spreading myself tooo thin…