Session 6: Roles

Session 6: Online

Date: April 17

Time: Complete by Sunday

Session Instructions:

  1. WATCH – the session videos below
  2. RESPOND – to the three questions in the comment section below.


One of the great strengths of servant-leadership is the potential for healing one’s self and one’s relationship to others. Many people have broken spirits and have suffered from a variety of emotional hurts. Although this is a part of being human, servant-leaders recognize that they have an opportunity to help make whole those with whom they come in contact.

Reading: Greenleaf: pgs 49-50

Identify what you need from the development continuum in each area of your role to become a high achiever in all areas

Reading: Blanchard: pgs 94-112

Every person has certain strengths and being on the right position on the team is critical – discuss your position on the team and how you could be better positioned

Reading: Maxwell: pgs 28-41


Answer each of the questions below in the comment section.

VIDEO #1: Spiritual Leadership – What is a way that you can serve others and help them find healing, and in turn find healing for yourself?

VIDEO #2: Self Leadership – Looking at one of your 6 goals, what is something you need to take initiative in order to achieve that goal?

VIDEO #3: Peer Leadership – Are you in your niche?  What can you do to better place yourself in your niche?

  • Natasha Collins

    Spiritual Leadership: I can serve others and help them find healing by simply giving them my testimony when I really first met Jesus. Not the concept of Him, but really meeting Jesus. It is such an easy story to tell when you’re speaking about where Christ has brought you, but a much harder story to tell of the process in which He took getting you where you are. Giving your testimony of how I first met Jesus, will give another hope for their tomorrow!

    Self-Leadership: One thing I need to do to achieve one of my 6 goals is to get out of the research stage and actually write down the goal as a goal!

    Peer Leadership: I don’t think I am in my niche…It seems like I gravitate to what I know I can do and make that just something that I do, may or may not be my niche! I do what’s comfortable and things that take more effort, I seem to shy away from…I tend to look at what others are doing and try and fit myself into their niche…However, what I am starting to realize is that the thing that may be my niche, is the thing that may be the hardest for me to do which is doing what God has called ME to do… Hopefully this revelation will help me to position myself for God’s will for MY life and not to have the desire to live someone else’s…Seeking His will and plan for my life is the thing I need to do.

  • Barb Sartin

    1) spiritual leadership . I can listen to their stories and share mine. Show that I care about and encourage them with scripture, what God says. I will ask them about the next steps and share what is available to them . I found, through freeway, talking about things and sharing stories can give hope and it’s very freeing.

    2) self leadership . My goal is to finish my novel. I have written a draft, had it edited by another author and I need to start putting those suggestions into action.

    3) peer leadership. I see my niche at church as a leader of environmental care during the week and I do enjoy what I do and I enjoy my team. I also ,on a personal level, I’m a writer. I love writing. I’ve always enjoyed creating stories and poems. I published two children’s books about five years ago, a goal I set and achieved. Now my goal is to finish my lnovel based on true events for young adults/adults I’m getting close to reach my goal .

  • Casandra Schisler-Boehlke

    VIDEO #1: Spiritual Leadership –

    One example that comes to mind, I am helping a friend who’s going through a difficult marriage crisis. I am helping her find healing and encouraging her to move forward towards wholeness. By helping her I am in turn being helped because my own past trials now serve a greater purpose and finally have meaning which brings me wholeness.

    VIDEO #2: Self Leadership

    One of my goals is to figure out what the next step should be for my small group. We are coming up to a crossroads soon where commitment, place of meeting and topic will change. I took initiative in praying about what the topic should be after we finish freeway and once I felt clarity around that, I emailed a church leader for permission and set up a coffee meet-up with my coach to figure out the logistics of that and get advise.

    VIDEO #3: Peer Leadership

    It might not be forever, but In this season as a small group leader I feel I am in my niche in terms of ministry and using my Spiritual gift. I am by no means experienced or at a D4 level yet, but I found that by prayerfully trying out a new place of ministry I was forced to get out of my comfort zone. it is challenging me to grow in areas I wouldn’t have otherwise. I love and welcome the challenge it brings ! I also love learning and am constantly watching videos on rightnow media that will Help me become a better small group leader. But some learning only comes from experience, so the longer I do it the better I will be.

  • LouAnn

    Question 1: By reaching out more to the members of my church Linked team in friendship, love and care: Showing love and empathy, sincerely talking with them, asking them how they are doing spiritually, offering to help them if they would like help, spending time with them, praying over them and for them, encouraging them, offering suggestions on serving with TFH teams, and helping them to have more faith so that they know that there really is hope in all of our lives because of the sacrifice, salvation, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is our blessed hope.
    Question 2: I will make time to spend more time with team members and have already asked some of the ladies if they would like to meet outside of church in friendship and sisterhood in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the leadership academy teachings and opening of the door by our Lord, after 18 years of working on Sundays at my full-time job, I was able to finally receive a schedule change on my job where I have Sundays off, and I am now able to attend church and serve on teams, which is a monumental blessing in my life.
    Question 3: My husband and I both have a new “niche.” I took a “next step” to serve with New Guest ministries under Latoya, as the Lord is leading me to do so. I have emailed my leaders at the Kids’ Ministry to ask them if I can spend 3 weeks of the month at New Guest Ministries with 1 week of the month with Kids’ Ministry, “for a time” as the Lord leads. This is because I am lead by our Lord to encourage TFH’s New Guests to come see and experience God’s mighty presence along with the love and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ within this great Christian community/ spiritual family of God. TFH’s outreach and vision to influence the world for our Lord Jesus is effective and changes lives in our city, our country, and our world, because of our Lord’s blessing upon and the Holy Spirit’s leading of TFH, along with the love, daily prayers, commitment, and dedication of our superior pastors, leadership, staff, TFH ministries, attendees, and all those who serve on TFH serve teams. As they continue to come to TFH, these new families have many options to enjoy and grow spiritually in Christian community and eventually to commit to total surrender to our Lord. Two of the great ministries to help the children of these New families are the outstanding Kids and Youth ministries. TFH truly responds to the cry of the lost souls. My husband Chalmer is serving more often now as an ASL greeter and enjoys being on the greeting team. It is an honor and a blessing for both of us to serve at TFH.

  • Angela Tozer

    Question 1: Spiritual Leadership

    I am currently reaching out to several women who are in need of healing, and I try to be a source of encouragement and support in their lives. As we share stories, we know that we are not alone. By speaking life and praying with them, I show care and compassion, which are things needed by all of us.

    Question 2: Self Leadership

    The biggest thing I need to do in order to achieve one of my six goals is to put the timeline on my calendar and hold myself accountable to meeting that timeline.

    Question 3: Peer Leadership

    For the most part, I feel that I am in my niche. I am happiest when I can help others, and I get to do that in many different ways. I truly enjoy what I do and am blessed that I get to guide young adults and be a positive influence in their lives.

  • Ashley Backhouse

    1: I can serve others & help them find healing by extending love and patience at every opportunity. I pray that as I do those 2 things, I will in turn find the patience & acceptance I, too, need.

    2: To be successful in several of my goals I have to take the same initiative which is to be proactive in finding help, support. For 1 goal that will be seeking out guidance for a new business venture; for other goals that means finding childcare. Having moved away from the “built-in” support system of family, it’s time to reach out more than I previously have because the truth is I can’t do it on my own.

    3. I don’t believe I’m currently in my niche; I’m in a season of rediscovering what my niche is, or better yet, how & where my strengths may be best utilized. I think the key to better placing myself in my niche is the same as my response to question 2.

  • susan tierson

    1. Leading a connect group … I have found tremendous amount of healing from my groups….I have been humbled by God’s grace in not only moving people …But ,,,opening my heart to share with them my testimony ….

    2. To stay on a healthy eating plan… Need to have continuous support…. fellowship once a week…. chat group on cell…Continuously be aware of the spiritual help from God… through Scripture…

    3. Yes! Learning and growing… I know it is leading in the Daniel Plan… Time to step it up and talk to church leaders… Need Coaching