Session 2: Teamwork

Session 2: Online

Date: February 28

Time: Complete by Sunday

Session Instructions:

  1. WATCH – the session videos below
  2. RESPOND – to the three questions in the comment section below.


All that is needed to rebuild community as a viable life form for large numbers of people is for enough servant-leaders to show the way, not by mass movements, but by each servant-leader demonstrating his or her unlimited liability for a quite specific community- related group.

Reading: Greenleaf: pgs 50-53

An assumed constraint is a belief you have, based on your past experience, that limits your current and future experiences

Reading: Blanchard: pgs 18-42

Great teammates are made of people that understand teams accomplish more than individuals – discuss how our work team gets things done together

Reading: Maxwell: pgs 1-14


Answer each of the questions below in the comment section.

QUESTION #1: Spiritual Leadership – Who will you show “unlimited liability” (love) this week and how will you do it?

QUESTION #2: Self Leadership – How will you challenge your assumed constraints this week?

QUESTION #3: Peer Leadership – What can you do this week to increase your teamwork ability?

  • Cynthia Kolacki

    1) I will show unconditional love to those in my workplace that have rejected and bullied me.
    2) I tend to see myself as being insecure so I will think and walk with the confidence in the promise of Philippians 4:13
    3) Many hands make light work. People have the inner craving to feel wanted and needed by others. I will make a point to fulfill that need with opportunity.

    • Jason Gianotti

      Cynthia, you win the prize for being the first person to post!!! Thanks! Your responses are so authentic and genuine… this has encouraged me! Thank you.

      • Cynthia Kolacki

        Your story and walk inspires me to keep my eyes on Jesus especially in the Public Education realm. The Future generations need HIM! I pray someday that I could work more closely with people like yourself as it would greatly boost my sphere of support. God Bless!!

  • Cassandra Thompson

    This week, I am going to show “unlimited liability” to my evening staff. I find myself putting a very high expectation on the crew and I do not spend enough time showing and telling them how much I appreciate them for the things they do day in and out. I am going to go to them individually and tell them how much I appreciate and love them. I am also going to tell them at our pre – service rally as an entire group.
    I am going to take more time in reading the bible and building my confidence and strength through praying and trusting in Christ.
    I need to have more confidence in the workplace and within my immediate team. There is a very negative energy going around our team and I feel that I need to be the person to step out and have the strength and confidence, to bring some energy and enthusiasm back to what we do.

  • LouAnn

    1) I will show unlimited liability (love) this week to a team member who is going through a financial crisis and have reached out to this team member and offered some financial assistance. I also directed this member to our Life Center. I am also spending extra time praying for her financial break-through.
    2) I have started a class at work which I believe will help me resolve one of my assumed constraints.
    3) I have focused on being a better listener. I reached out to a lateral leader who has been going through a family crisis, and I offered to take her out for coffee or lunch and would be glad to sit down and listen (if she feels comfortable talking with me). I will also continue to pray for her.

  • Kim Kern

    1) Show unlimited liability to group of supervisors I am working with – patience, find ways to serve them and listen to them instead of needing to be heard
    2) Assume the best of people, not the worst
    3) Ask for help instead of trying to do things on my own

  • Deborah Cline

    1. Show unlimited liability to one of my leaders. Write an encouraging letter.
    2. I am going to make a budget.
    3. Share more responsiblity at my home group.

    • Jason Gianotti

      Deb, I know from experience that you are an encourager… I think your response to number 1 will be tremendously encouraging to your leaders.

  • Eddie Roque

    I will show unlimited liability to my boss who can be passive aggressive and hard to read at times.

    I will be more vocal and not hold back with family, friends, coworkers and those I serve with.

    I will engage more with my coworkers so that there will be open communication amongst us in order to meet business needs. Making them feel comfortable to ask if they need assistance with the various task we are assigned.

    • Jason Gianotti

      Eddie, praying right now that you have wisdom as you lead upwards with your boss!

  • Casandra Schisler-Boehlke

    1. I will meet with a woman on my team to listen to her and pray with her because she is struggling with faith issues due to difficult health prognosis.
    2. I will challenge my assumed constraints by getting resources to watch, read and learn how to improve in those areas.
    3. I will begin to take more initiative in being a team player in each sphere I’m in. To take a team approach instead of the usual “do it all by yourself” will require that I lay aside my need for total control and perfection and instead delegate authority where appropriate. For this my mentality has to change when trying to lead successfully, from “how can I Do it all perfectly?” to one of “how can I involve others in delegating authority?”

    • Jason Gianotti

      Casandra… this is great. Thanks for committing to invest in others through the Leadership Academy. I am sure the woman you mentioned will be blessed by the time you take with her.

  • Dani

    1) I will show unlimited liability “love” to my teammate/coworker who is new and on a learning curve. Even though I am supposed to pass my work along to her so that I can work on some other projects, I will take time to properly train her and ensure she has all the tools she needs in order to be successful.

    2) This week, I will challenge my assumed contraint by facing it head-on instead of avoiding it. I will begin to look at some possible solutions and trying each one to see if it will help me to eliminate my fear of failing, and solve the problem at the same time.

    3) This week in order to increase my teamwork ability, I will reach out and see if anyone else on my team needs help with anything or by helping them to problem solve through some challenges they may be facing instead of only worrying about my own concerns and solutions to dilemmas I face at work.

  • Carey

    1. I will love my Freeway group. Creating a welcoming environment and letting them know that our group is a safe place for them to be honest. I will also show love to 2 friends that I haven’t seen in a while by sending them cards to let them know i am thinking of them and what I miss about them.

    2. I will reject my first throughout when a challenge comes my way because my first thought is usually a fearful one. I will be aware of negative self talk and fear based thinking…. declaring Hebrews 12:1-2.

    3. Pose questions to multiples leaders and teams as opposed to responding with answers or looking for the in the usual places.

  • Daniel L. Snead

    1.) I will show unlimited “love” to a gentlemen I do business with and I will do it by sending him an email letting him know I appreciate him and all the help he’s given me.
    2.) I will challenge my assumed constraints this week by getting organized. This means making lists and completing them one by one.
    3.) This week, I can increase my team ability by finding new ways to serve people on my team and doing everything with excellence.

    • Sean Pritzkau

      I’ve bought in to the assumed constraint that I’m not organized before. I’ll join you in this list-making goal!

  • Justine Snead

    1.) I will show “unlimited liability” to my 2 co-workers by telling them each how much I love and care about them and how thankful I am for their support and friendship.
    2.) I will challenge my assumed constraints by slowing down and taking time to think creatively. I will put down the “busy work” and try to come up with new ideas by thinking outside of the box.
    3.) This week, I can increase teamwork ability by taking more time to listen to other ideas and suggestions and by not trying to be in control of each task at hand.

    • Sarah Eichas

      Praying for you and know you’ll find time for creativity! It’s so important to let yourself have that time, I’m trying to find it too 🙂 See you soon!

    • Sean Pritzkau

      These are really fantastic goals, Justine. Looking forward to seeing you and Daniel tonight!

  • Bridge

    1. I will show unlimited liability to the coaches that I Coach on my serve team. I had taken a step back when many of them were not responsive. I am realizing that I can’t expect them to commit to the “task” if they don’t continually feel my love and appreciation.
    2. I will challenge my assumed constraints by stepping way out of my comfort zone and asking my boss AGAIN to please sit with me and go over my motivators. We have been struggling for 10 years with our communication and I really need to get out of my own way and be transparent in stating how important this conversation is to me.
    3. I will increase my teamwork ability by remaining positive as we review our February numbers that fell just barely below our goal. I will also work to inspire my peers as we receive our March goals so that the mountain we have to climb will become nothing more than a hill.

    • Rebekah Lewin

      Bridget – praying that your conversation with your boss goes well!

      • Bridge

        Thank you Rebekah! No luck yet, but determined to get it done by Saturday 🙂

    • Sherrie Hertweck

      Bridget, how wonderful that you are going to reach out more to your coaches. It is often difficult to see beyond the task itself and their commitment and reach out each and everyone with love and appreciation for them not only when they are participating on the serve team but in general. I commend you for the time you will be taking to do this. Praying for renewed inspiration your team will get from your efforts.

      • Bridge

        Thank you so much Sherrie!

  • Jason Gianotti

    1. I will be showing “unlimited liability” this week by meeting early in the morning with several key leaders in my sphere of influence to coach and support them through some upcoming leadership challenges that they have requested help working through. I will also call 3 of my leaders who is struggling and ask to meet for coffee with them and let them know that I love them and am interested in supporting however I can.
    2. I will challenge one of my assumed constraints (that I do not have enough time for a couple critical tasks) by developing a weekly time prioritization chart to ensure the top priorities in my leadership get addressed. A few years ago a Stephen Covey Conference I learned some time management strategies that I have not been using and need to reengage based on Chris’ teaching.
    3. In terms of improving as a teammate, I will be looking this week to offer to help 2 specific leaders in my life in an area they are working on that I would be able to help.

    • Luke Thomas

      Jay… can I get those Stephen Covey notes?

  • Luke Thomas

    1. My ‘unlimited liability’ will be shown through the 2 coffee meetings I have with those that I do not directly lead but want to invest in.
    2. I have written down and prayed through my assumed constraints this week daily and God is revealing some new insecurities in me.
    3. I’m personally investing in ALIVE high over the next couple months to better contribute as a team member.

    • Jason Gianotti

      Can I come to Alive if you are there…. it will unleash my inner teenager!

  • Ashley Backhouse

    1. I will extend “unlimited liability” this week to a person who is going through some serious physical challenges which strains her emotionally, too. I will send her an encouraging card to remind her she is not alone.
    2. I will challenge the assumed constraint that I am not much of a planner by making a list of tasks I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time and scheduling specific times to work on each of them.
    3. I will improve my team work ability by vocalizing what needs to be accomplished and asking for specific help–relinquishing the weight of trying to do it all by myself as well as the fear of imperfection. I will not expect my teammates to be mind readers.

    • Angela Tozer

      What a great reminder that we so often assume everyone is on the same page when accomplishing tasks. Your concern for others shines. I will pray for your friend.

    • Trina

      OMG Ashley!!!! So i started to write something very similar to your answer to number 3, but changed my mind. I sometimes think that i will put to much pressure on volunteers by aslking too much of them. My fear is of them burning out so id rather be the one to burn. ;/

  • Ben Johnson

    1. This week I’ll be showing “unlimited liability” to my parents. I feel that I don’t show enough appreciation for all that they do. I’ll be helping them more with things around the house, listening to how their day went, and helping them in difficult situations so I can show them that I do care and love them.

    2. I have many assumed constraints. This week I will act as if the fear of failing is not there, or at least try, and I will not allow my assumed constraints to get in the way. I won’t think negative thoughts and I will stay positive so that I can overcome these constraints.

    3. This week I can begin to take what other people tell me into consideration. I will listen more closely to others on my team and give them my undivided attention when they are speaking to me. I will help people on my team that may not totally understand the instruction given to them instead of telling them to ask another person.

  • Rebekah Lewin

    1. I will show unlimited liability by reaching out to a friend who I know can use some extra support right now. I will try to find a way to surprise her and make her day special, and come along side her to carry her load.

    2. Assumed constraints – I am going to challenge my assumed constraint of fearing conflict, by entering conversations and sharing my thoughts even if there is a possibility that others may not agree with me, if I feel that God is opening a door for me to be heard.

    3. Teamwork ability – this Friday I’m planning some cool things to recognize and honor my work team for Employee Appreciation day!

    • Jason Gianotti

      Rebekah, thanks for sharing. I can relate to your assumed constrain. Praying that you are able to challenge it this week.

  • Keri-Lynn Flood

    Q 1: I will show “unlimited liability” to my new coworker by taking time to train her properly and acclimate her to her new work environment. My hope is that she feels a sense of belonging with her new “work family” and is fulfilled in her role.

    Q 2: I will challenge assumed constraints by initiating a self-study statistics course in preparation for pursuing my MS in Management.

    Q 3: I will increase my teamwork ability by sharing (with my team) the information I learned in Maxwell’s ( The 17 Indisputable Laws …) I will also have my team take the Strengthfinders 2.0 (Rath) Assessment so that, as a team, we can explore our individual similarities and differences. I’m hoping to use this information to build a stronger, more cohesive team.

  • David Johnson

    1. I will engage in unlimited liability with my awesome wife this week. Taking focused time to slow down and listen to her thoughts, concerns, her ideas, and what ever needs she has. After being married for twenty years conversations unnecessarily and unintentionally become mechanized and robotic! This week I will avoid nodding my head void of though.

    2. After being in a failed business partnership for five years I will continue looking for auspicious employment and stop assuming that I’m either under qualified, over qualified, or to old for honorable employment!

    3. I don’t know. I guess I can threaten them.

  • Jason Bair

    1. My team at work is my challenge to show Unlimited Liability to this week. I’ve already shown and voiced my appreciation for all their hard work today. Working with them 9 hours a day I would just assume that they realized the love I had for them. After studying this chapter in Greenleaf’s brilliant writings I realize I need to voice my love and appreciation for them and their hard work more often!

    2. I have a few assumed constraints, the challenge for me is to work past them, pray about them and just do it! The key word in this is ASSUMED! What ever my constraints are I can learn new skills, bring in team members that compliment my weaknesses. and work on being a better Leader by becoming more well rounded in my leadership.

    3. My challenge this week is to communicate better and not put off things that need to be done. I have a tendency of saying to myself, I’ll get to in later. Well later comes and it’s gone out of my mind, never to be retrieved again. My challenge is to tackle it when it shows up in front of me and not get sidetracked until what ever it is gets accomplished.

    • Jason Gianotti

      Jason… great insights! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thalia Pabon

    #1: Spiritual Leadership –

    I will show unlimited liability “LOVE” to my co-worker, I will take the time to articulate how much I actually love her persona and make her aware that she is greatly

    #2: Self Leadership –

    I will challenge my assumed constraints by stopping to feel sorry/blaming myself for what has already occurred in the past. I will reflect on how that
    experience has opened many doors for me. I will continue to remind myself to be grateful for the splendors of the experience, as it is the reason, I am here participating in this delightful journey at TFH.

    #3: Peer Leadership –

    I will take the time to actually listen and encourage other members of my team to voice out their recommendations/ ideas to be able
    to develop an inclusive plan of action with everyone’s input not just my own.

    • Ron Porter

      Good stuff Thalia!

  • Chandra Cuyler

    1. I will show unlimited liability to a teammate that I have a very superficial relationship with. I will increase my “face time” and make our meetings less transactional and more relational. I am challenged in my volunteer ministry and professional life as well . I will approach this in both places.

    2. One of my assumed constraints is around my ability with numbers. I will engage a peer with this expertise to help grow this skill . I will start with a meeting to discuss how I might approach this.

    3. I am having conflict issues with a team I manage. I will be discussing some of the principles I learned here with them in hopes that they will reflect on their personal vulnerability and how we all show up as team members .

  • Angela Tozer

    #1 – I will demonstrate unlimited liability to my team this week. I sent a message to the entire group with an encouraging scripture and note of thanks for their service. I will continue to send personalized notes of thanks and appreciation to members.

    #2 – Although I have improved in this, I still let fear of failure hold me back. So, I will face those insecurities by not making excuses. I won’t settle for less than God’s best.

    #3 – I will devote more effort and time into getting to know team members better and building connections in the group.

    • Chandra Cuyler

      I like the personalized notes idea Angela!

    • Ron Porter

      Great answer Angela! Taking the time to send encouraging scriptures to your team not only shows them that you love them, but it also strengthens your team through the Spiritual Impact sphere of leadership! Well done!

    • Natasha Collins

      Great response to question #2 Angela. I too deal with fear of failure and it seems like it creates cement blocks around my feet! Thank you for sharing and giving me an idea of how to take the next step to position myself for what God has for me! Thank you!

  • Paul Antinelli

    #1 I will show my “unlimited liability” this week with my family. I will take time to slow down this week and make sure to show them the love I have for each and every one of them. I will take time for each member of my family to tell them how important and special they are. Many times I assume they know and I forget to show them and especially tell them!
    #2 My assumed constraint is fear at work. will challenge my assumed constraint this week by taking a risk by trying out a new program and going “all in” with it.

    #3 To increase my teamwork ability this week I will reach out to some colleques and lead them through some new curriculum which they have been struggling with.

    • Ron Porter

      Awesome stuff Paul!!

    • Barb Sartin

      Paul, family is so important and telling them how we feel is important. I found this especially true with my children. They needed to hear how much I loved and appreciated them….even now as adults, I still tell them. It makes a huge difference. We may not know how much riight in the moment but when I see my kids mimic my behaviors with their kids, I feel so blessed.

  • Trina

    i will show unlimited liabilty to my volunteer team by intentially connecting with them regarding non- Church and non serving topics. Just to let them know that i see them, that they are important and in order to acknowledge that they have things in life to celebrate and that they struggle with and i am interested in knowing so that i can help celebrate or pray for resolution.

    I have a fear of not being good enough at times believe it or not. Kids Ministry is challenging and exercise a different muscle than i am use to using. I am actively seeking God for strength, guidance and confidence in my given role.

    As a team mate I can improve by encouraging teams strength and leadership abilities!!

    • Ruth

      Awesome Responses Trina! I’m sort of the same, even though I don’t serve with the children yet though, I would love to. I too need to reach out beyond the church and show love to those that are difficult to love. I too have difficulty feeling good enough. I totally understand you

      • Trina

        Oh thank you Ruth! When your ready to serve in kids by all means let me know!!! lol ….. This blog is a great way to collaborate and to find common ground with those who are experiencing similar things! Awesome tool and resource Im finding!

    • Ron Porter

      Trina, you rock as a Kids Pastor! Your creativity and heart for people is just what every kid needs!

      • Trina

        Hey!!! Thank you brother Ron! I learn from the Best!! xox

  • Shelby Forte

    1. I will show unlimited liability to a woman in my connect group, I will take her to lunch and tell her she is appreciated and valued in my group and I will bless her with a devotional book. 2. I will challenge my assumed constraint of “I am not creative” by reaching out to a friend who is a designer and owns her own studio and my other assumed constraint of thinking my work is never good enough at my current job. I will reach out to my manager for real time feedback after I complete a project. 3.I will invest more of my time in getting to know my ladies in my group better…take at least one or 2 out to coffee a week and really learn about them.

  • Sherrie Hertweck

    1. I will show unlimited liability this week in an unusal way, I will send out invitations to people close to a couple I know who is struggling and just ask these friends to lift this couple up in prayer daily for 21 days. These people are all close to the couple in different ways, but asking others to join me is what God has asked us to do. And a huge step out of my comfort zone. 2. I will challenge my assumed constraint of “I am not good/perfect enough” I am in a slump at work, making it difficult to move forward, because I feel my work is not quite there. I will pray for God’s guidance on this and ask for His support each and every hour. 3. I will connect with my team at work, instead of sitting at my desk and working through lunch I will make a point of reaching out and spending time with my team during lunch. Even if it means exercising with them!

    • Barb Sartin

      Sherry, reaching out to others and encouraging them to reach out…that is awesome, such a win win. When we stretch ourselves and step out, we are leading others by example and having them take the journey with you will bring a multitude of blessings.

  • Ron Porter

    1. I will show unlimited liability this week by taking the time to talk with a few of the people on my team, instead of just carrying on with passionate tasks. I have a tendency to just put my head down and plow through tasks, which is sometimes needed, but this week I’ll make the time to get to know a few of the people on my teams just a little better.

    2. It seems like I get to challenge assumed constraints on a daily basis! Every day I get a new challenge or a task that I have no idea how to pull off, but being surrounded by an amazing team of people, I like to think that we specialize in pulling off the impossible! How? A lot of removing the assumed constraints of fear and doubt. Fear of failure, fear of not pleasing people, doubt that I’m good enough, doubt that the goal is too high to accomplish, etc.

    3. I’ll spend more time this week collaborating with my peers, and look for ways that we can pull on each other’s strengths to move things forward. Like I said in my answer to question 1, I tend to put my head down and plow through tasks on my own, but taking the time to draw on the strengths of the people I work with and sharing my strengths with them in their tasks is always more effective. All of us together are better than each of us alone.

    • Juan-Carlos Rivera

      I also find myself neglecting others when I have something that needs to be done and since there is always something that needs to be done it can happen quite frequently. Always a good idea to invest in those around you.

      • Ron Porter

        Absolutely Juan-Carlos, investing in people is why I do what I do; I’m sure it’s the same for you!

  • Sheila

    1. I will show unlimited liability to a new Steven Minister (SM) who has been assigned to care for a Care Recipient with significant and complex unaddressed problems. I will remind this new compassionate SM that her role is to walk along side, guide, give loving support to her CR without becoming enmeshed in her problems. Only God can cure.
    2. This time I will collect relevant information, try to be objective, look at the issue from all perspectives before jumping to conclusion. My opinion may be related to my pasted experience and be an assumed constraint that I own.
    3. I will recognize a peer team member who reached out to an unbeliever who was about to do something she would regret. The letter she wrote and the pray circle she gathered….Praise God…worked. I will describe her as a wonderful example of a “servant leader” during our meeting.

  • Mike Patterson

    Spiritual Leadership: How Community Impacts the Church and its Members

    “Any human service where the one who is served should be loved in the process requires community, a face-to-face group in which the liability of each for the other and all for one is unlimited.” Robert K. Greenleaf

    In my opinion, one of the goals of the Church is to love and accept people. The Church is a “human service” that loves those that it serves. Therefore, if a Church claims to love people, then it needs to have community, “a face-to-face group” that holds one another accountable (liability) and never ceases to assist others (unlimited). Community creates trust, respect and moral ethics within the body that strengthens and empowers the Church. An empowered Church is one that loves and accepts its people. Enter into this “cycle,” and its members will flourish.

    After discussing this “cycle” with a colleague, we came to the conclusion that you really could replace “The Church” in this cycle with any “human service” or organization, as long as their mission includes loving people. For example, Greenleaf talks about those currently living in Retirement Homes. These individuals need community, because it “can actually lift them up, help them grow” and it can also “give the healing love that is essential for health.” So if a Retirement Home loves its members with “unlimited liability,” then they can enter into this model and create a population of individuals that strengthens and empowers the “human service” that they are a part of (and consequently the staff, and others living there).

  • Mike Patterson

    Spiritual Leadership: How Community Impacts the Church and its Members “Cycle”

    “Any human service where the one who is served should be loved in the process requires community, a face-to-face group in which the liability of each for the other and all for one is unlimited.” Robert K. Greenleaf

    In my opinion, one of the goals of the Church is to love and accept people. The Church is a “human service” that loves those that it serves. Therefore, if a Church claims to love people, then it needs to have community, “a face-to-face group” that holds one another accountable (liability) and never ceases to assist others (unlimited). Community creates trust, respect and moral ethics within the body that strengthens and empowers the Church. An empowered Church is one that loves and accepts its people. Enter into this “cycle,” and its members will flourish.

    After discussing this “cycle” with a colleague, we came to the conclusion that you really could replace “The Church” in this cycle with any “human service” or organization, as long as their mission includes loving people. For example, Greenleaf talks about those currently living in Retirement Homes. These individuals need community, because it “can actually lift them up, help them grow” and it can also “give the healing love that is essential for health.” So if a Retirement Home loves its members with “unlimited liability,” then they can enter into this model and create a population of individuals that strengthens and empowers the “human service” that they are a part of (and consequently the staff, and others living there).

  • Marlize duPlessis

    1. I have / and will show unlimited liability this week by taking time to support and love a single mom who is going through a tough season. Reach out to a friend who is feeling unloved and desperate as she tries to recover from a broken marriage. And I will definitely reach out to the incredible leaders I serve with to let them know how I grateful I am for their consistent, courageous servant leadership that impacts my life daily!!

    2. Assumed Constraint. Seems really silly. But for me it is technology. I have adopted an attitude of “Ill never catch up”. I will overcome that by scheduling some time with people who are really good in this area for some coaching 🙂

    3. Have experienced some incredible moments this week already, just leaning in to offer strength and bring to the table what I know will advance our progress as a team. Also, instead of tackling a project alone this week, I sat with a team member and we got to better results in half the time!

  • Olivia Morgante

    1. I will show “unlimited liability” to my kids. I will go above and beyond with showing each of them individually how special and loved they are. Even if it means putting off kitchen clean up till after bed time to play super heroes. I will also call/text our connect members and let them know how much we appreciate and value them being a part of our group.

    2. Some of my assumed constraints I will challenge this week are that “I am not a morning person” and that “I cannot keep up with a schedule because of my kids”. I will set my alarm early enough to keep my mornings running smoothly and with as little road blocks as possible to keep us on schedule. I will plan ahead to keep up with my to do lists as well as well as the kid’s activities.

    3. I will increase my teamwork abilities by learning to be ok with delegating instead of feeling like I am the only one capable of keeping all the “plates spinning”.

    • Jeremy Morgante

      Oh hey.

  • Jeremy Morgante

    1. I will show unlimited liability to my co-worker (Jeff) this week by taking him out to lunch and talking about anything but work.

    2. An assumed constraint of mine is that I lack focus. In reality, I’m just curious about a lot of things and tend to allow myself to be led by distractions instead of staying with what I need to finish. This week, I will strive to remove distractions by finishing each task before I start the next one, checking emails less frequently and planning space in my day where I can let my brain unwind.

    3. I actually have a blend of all four vulnerabilities. I tend to operate under the adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” (Ego). I place far too much value in impressing those around me (Insecurity). I tend to underestimate the work involved in a project and as a result, often attempt to execute it on my own (Naivety). As a result of these three, I often find myself distant from the team which makes me appear disinterested, though nothing could be further from the truth (Temperament). This week, I will choose one project that one or more members of my team can work on together, let them do it their way even if it drives me insane and will let them dictate the support they need from me.

    • Bobby Hill

      Way To Go!!! My Brother

  • Natasha Collins

    1. I will show unlimited liability to a couple of ladies that are in my Linked Group by being available to them outside of Linked Group.

    2. An assumed constraint of my mine is that I lack the confidence and faith to move forward with an idea. This week I will make more of an effort to conduct the proper research needed to put an idea into motion.

    3. I will increase my teamwork ability this week by being a better listener.

  • Jim Folwell

    I will meet a with member on the care team to build him up beyond his perception of himself. #2, I will do a self assessment of the things I normally avoid to see if the are assumed constraints. 3# I will venture into areas where more mentors are needed.

  • Amanda Thurston

    my Spiritual Leadership: I will show :unlimited liability” this week to my co-workers. I will do this by Letting them know how I appreciate their efforts contributing to the team goals and that what they are doing is making a difference.

    Self-leadership: my assumed constraint is more administrative and organizing. I tend to not have to confidence to plan and organize bigger projects. The size of a bigger project gets daunting. To challenge this I need to first invest in a planner. I run out of time in the day and projects and list will get built up on each other and I feel buried. I need to physically pan out my day and delegate my time and tasks instead of being a big thinker and dreamer of what I would like to do/ get done.

    Peer leadership: What I will do to increase my teamwork ability to have the mentality of “why not” Why not go that extra mile on whatever it is. I will feel better and I believe that that in return will make others around me feel motivated

  • Michaela Austin

    Spiritual Leadership: I will show “unlimited liability” to my manager and co-workers. I will do this by thanking them for their continuous hard work and for always seeking improvement.
    Self Leadership: My assumed constraint is that because I am the youngest in my sphere of influence at work I feel as if no one will listen to me or take me seriously. However, I know that I am mature beyond my age and that as long as I am confident in myself then I will be heard. I will be more confident in the future, putting myself on the same level as those in my sphere of influence.
    Peer Leadership: In order to increase my teamwork ability this week I am going to surround myself with people who are “stronger” than me. I find that I often surround myself with weak people because they are “easier” to lead but I realize now that that makes me weak and it is hard to prosper as a team this way. I will be the most confident version of myself and I will bring out the most confident version of others around me.

    This is going to be great!

    • Ron Porter

      Awesome stuff Michaela! I love that you realize that age is an assumed constraint! Leaders are leader no matter how old they are!

  • Kimberely Washington

    Spiritual Leadership: I will show “unlimited liability” to one of my sons as he goes through a difficult scenario at school and home. I will do this by setting aside any worries or anxiousness about what he should do or say or what I believe should happen as this would not allow me to show “unlimited liability”.

    Self Leadership: My personal assumed constraints include feelings that I am not good enough, I am too emotional, and I am not consistent. I will challenge them by finding and using techniques to improve my self esteem. I will do this by seeking out honest feedback from my family and peers and then learning different ways to handle my emotional responses. To challenge my constraint of being inconsistent, I will set a schedule for activities and write down things that require my follow up with a deadline.

    Peer Leadership: My current lack of teamwork is caused by a blend of all four of the topics in the reading. I need to challenge my thinking when I feel I need to do it all myself or feel threatened by others. In my case, I do not currently have a work environment to practice this in. However, home and my childrens’ school requires me to work with others as a team. Instead of feeling threatened by the school psychologist and his teachers, I will listen to the information they provide and seek out answers to questions instead of relying on myself and Google. By doing this I will be able to address ego, insecurity, naivete, and temperament.

    • Angela Tozer

      Kimberely, your openness to listen and see situations through love is awesome!

  • Jen Gianotti

    1) Spiritual Leadership – To extend love this week, I will text my linked group members to let them know that I’m praying for them & am thankful that they are in my group.
    2) Self Leadership – As a stay at home mom, I feel like access to people can be a constraint in my life. When I was in the work force, my life was naturally intertwined with others. This is much more limited as a mom & requires more intentionality. To help work on this barrier, I’m going to text a friend to ask her to read the bible with me.
    3) Peer Leadership – I bring chocolate to my linked group as a way to try & bring people in & help make them feel comfortable.

    • Olivia Morgante

      Chocolate FTW! Love you Jen!!

  • Jose Ortiz

    #1: To my freeway group, through continuously staying connected via our text messaging and responding with love when peeling back the layers of onions that show me who God desires me to be.

    #2: By meeting with dear friends who love the Lord dearly but because of distance I have not made time for them. They are both seasoned people that cannot get around like they use to but their door is always open for the family of God. Allow them to pray and worship with us and love them.

    #3: Remember that it is “We” and not me that accomplishes milestones. I am a member of a body and part of a great family. Step out and stretch my boundaries. Do not sit always with those that make me comfortable but challenge myself to be uncomfortable. This is when God will show me greater things that I can ever imagine. Like the jail ministry he has us both in, and bringing the message of Hope to my brothers that are hungry for the word.

  • Joanna Follman

    Spiritual Leadership: Doing this at the end of the week I was able to reflect. I had a chance to show unlimited liability to someone this week that I see at work who I normally write off as someone who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. He walked by my office, stopped and stood for a moment and then opened up about some things that he was struggling with. I was able to just listen, show compassion and I really didn’t say much at all except that I’d be praying for him. He walked away almost in tears and just said “thank you, I really appreciate that”. I was amazed that God opened my heart in that moment to be caring instead of judgemental. I started thinking, I wonder what would happen if him, along with others I know, actually had people in their life like I do that pour into me and encourage me, I wonder what their life would look like.

    Self Leadership: One of my assumed constraints is that I’m bad with time management and organization, I have to take responsibility for my time, allow for enough time to get things done and not say yes when I should say no thinking I can fit everything in. I will make it a priority to schedule myself better. I also tend to be insecure about appearing inadequate when I need help so I don’t ask for help when I should. I’m realizing that just makes me weaker not to ask so even if I feel fear, I will ask anyways.

    Peer Leadership: One thing I need to get better at is delegating. This week I can empower others to help like having someone else pray during huddle and also listening to them more and making then feel loved.

    • Ron Porter

      Wow Joanna, that’s so awesome that you were able to impact your coworker in such a powerful way. Such good stuff, thanks for sharing it!

  • Michael Olson

    1. I will take the time Monday morning to personally thank all of my employees for the jobs they perform and their significance to me and to the team as a whole.
    2. I am not good at time management and my organization is not good. I’ve blamed this on ADHD my entire life because I was diagnosed at a young age. I’ve just assumed for my entire life, that I would never overcome this. It impacts all areas of my life. I’ve been journaling and praying daily about this because I believe God will show me the way. I will commit to closing my door at the office Monday after I complete item 1 :-). I will use this time to de-clutter and prioritize my tasks and to-do list. I will also commit to spending the last 15 minutes of my day to review what was accomplished and what remains on the list that will need tomorrow’s attention.
    3. I need to let go of certain tasks and begin to trust and empower my employees more than I already have. They have proven themselves with all the tasks I’ve already let go. It is time to let go and let them rise up! I’ve always had the “assumed constraint” of “I know how I want it done, so I’ll just do it because it won’t be done right or the way I want”. This can also apply to item 2.

    • Ron Porter

      Good stuff Michael!

  • Matt Hjelmhaug

    I will encourage my team to take time off and recharge.
    I will challenge my assumed constraint that I can’t be administrative by finding new ways to organize my time.
    This teamwork piece is a work in progress for sure.

  • Emily Lavell

    1. Reflecting on the past week, and the week to come, I was able to show unlimited liability to my team at work. I organized a half day this week for us to meet as a team and discuss needs and celebrations of the kids we work with. Going beyond that, I wanted them to know how much they are appreciated by me. A simple gesture of bringing bagels really changed the mood of the morning, and allowed me to change my attitude from what we had to get done to appreciation of all we’ve done collectively and will continue to do. It also allowed others to open up in appreciation of our team and what we’ve done for our kids, and one another.
    2. One assumed constraint is feeling that I am not good enough; whether it be in my job or on a serve team. Being the youngest on my team at work, many times I feel that my opinion won’t matter or that my colleagues have it all figured out. In challenging this this past week, I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed consumed, and taking the time to offer ideas and talk with the, has been really beneficial.
    3. I need to put into practice the idea that I don’t have to do it all, and can delegate things; that it is okay 🙂

  • Diane Hook

    1) I will make it a point to reflect and celebrate with my team rather than rush into the next project that needs to be completed. I will do this by writing down specific items I am appreciative about before our bi-weekly one on one sessions, and share them at the start of our meetings.
    2) I will challenge my constraint that I am conflict adverse. I will start by acknowledging that difficult issues rarely go away or heal themselves, and that while avoiding the conflict may temporarily feel like peace, it more likely is a toxin that in the end will poison a team or relationship. I will revisit the book Crucial Conversations to sharpen my “tools” in this area so I will be prepared for the next opportunity.
    3) Remind myself:
    a) The sole purpose of a team is not always the task at hand
    b) There is > one way to do something and my way is not always best (so listen and learn !)
    c) Empower don’t micromanage, and be willing to let people fail
    d) the saying,”If you want something done right, do it yourself” is a TRAP that leads to burnout and a result that lacks diversity
    e) Look for people willing to grow and provide:
    good soil (tools/processes/resources to feed on), sunlight (goals and vision to reach for), water (encouragement to prevent wilting)

    • Olivia Morgante

      These are great, Diane!

  • Larry Ranaletta

    1) I’ll showed unlimited liability to 2 other specific managers who I work with by forgiving & praying for them for how they’ve treated me and their animosity towards me.
    HE is so faithful to answer pray & change hearts (in all 3 of us) when we HIS son/daughters obey by praying & forgiving.
    2) I challenged my assumed constraints this week by stepping back and doing less w/ 2 other managers. Instead of going on floor to “oversee” & prevent mistakes,
    I sent them emails & made them aware of issues in their areas and allowed things to play out. If mistakes were made, people who were responsible would be held accountable. I’m taking 2 steps back to make others better.
    3) By stepping back and letting other managers manage their areas, this allowed for respect, accomplishment and growth.

  • Justin Abbott

    1. I will show unlimited liability to the team I lead at church, Alive Middle Team. I do not show them that what they do is truly valued and that I care for them. I will do so through writing them all personal hand written cards for why they are important to the ministry no matter the task they do and tell them how much i care about them.
    2. The first constraint, although I am an introvert I will not allow that to hold me back from meeting new people and helping grow the Alive Middle Team. So, I will introduce myself to more people and start conversations with them.
    The second constraint, I will not worry about what people will think of me if I fail at a task. I will have courage and give every task I do all my effort and if I do fail instead of looking at it negatively I will choose to learn from it instead.
    3.This week to increase my teamwork ability I will not have naivety thinking and will delegate more tasks and allow my team to show me that they are capable of doing the work that I do. This way we can accomplish the tasks quicker allowing us to focus on the vision and goals we have set.

  • Jessica Hook

    1. I will show unlimited liability to those that I attend school with, I will focus on asking them how they are on more than a surface level. I will spend more time praying for them, even when they are not convinced that the benefits are there. I will also spend time with them outside of normal circumstances to ensure that they feel valued and cherished out of more than convenience.
    2. My assumed constraints are most frequently that I naturally associate myself to not be a “people person” and that I label myself to have poor time management. By labeling these things over my life I accept them and allow them to dictate what I chose to do as well as with what attitude I act in. To challenge these assumed constraints I will put myself in more situations that require me to interact with others, rather than just task oriented ones. As for challenging my assumption of poor time management, I will sit down and figure out what I can handle in my life and stick to focussing and succeeding on the things I fully have time for.
    3. To increase my teamwork ability, I can better delegate and better learn to accept the fact that I can not physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually be at my best if I try and take on everything myself.

  • Eric Beasley

    I will show unlimited liability by showcasing my coworkers contributions and value to the team.

  • Eric Beasley

    I will challenge my assumed constraints by resuming study for my certifications. I had allowed myself to get frustrated and think I would never understand Sime of the material.

    #3-I can come up with solutions to discus at our team meetings to empower the team and encourage others to share anything they’ve learned or experienced that can be useful to the group

  • Juan-Carlos Rivera

    1.I have a co worker who has a personality that I find obnoxious, I often find myself being rather cold to him. Instead will be more receptive to him and his ideas, as well as being congratulatory when he performs well and succeeds.
    2. I tend to believe that no one truly has my back and that for me to succeed I have to do all of it on my own. Though this concept has given me a great work ethic and determination, left unchecked it could become a poison in my life and in my faith. I will take steps to bring people into my life rather than pushing them away.
    3. I need to believe in others and their competence. Taking on everything myself will simply make my life more arduous than it needs to be.

  • Rhonda Morien

    I will unlimited liability to a group of middle schoolers by planning 1:1 conferences to review grades and develop plans of attack.

    I will challenge my assumed constraint by trying to keep my closet neat for a week.

    I will do a bright spots walk through to staff.

  • Erica Green

    1. I have two students in my classroom who have been especially challenging this year. They have very different backgrounds, and show their frustrations with “life” in the most “unloving” ways. While I have tried to show love to these two students in particular, I know that I need to be more specific with the words that I say to them and showing them love.
    2. I think my assumed constraints come from a lack of confidence in myself, and comparing myself to other people who I look up to as leaders, and feeling like I could never reach the caliber that they are. My husband is a natural leader, so I think listening to him share stories about he is leading in his community, and seeking professional development within my district is something I am going to seek out.
    3. To increase my teamwork ability, I need to have more confidence in myself as a leader, remind myself that I am significant, but me with a team is much more significant. That quote really stuck with me, as well as Luke’s comparison about the “team lift” sign–I often see things like that as a challenge (like bringing in every single grocery bag from Wegmans in one trip)…and simply asking for help could prevent the pains afterward.

  • Sharon

    1. I will say I love you more with family and team.
    2. My assumed constraints are around defining and organizing the financial piece of an initiative. I will be more open and direct in seeking to engage more with those God has positioned to study with me who are gifted in this area.
    3. I will take more action.

  • susan tierson

    1. One of my ladies in group…”S.B” ….spend some outside time with her …2.File my paperwork …assumed constraint is I am not organized. 3. I have always tried to do things alone…. having my team over for workout time….

  • Jessica Liming

    1. I will show unlimited liability to my boss. I will do this by telling her how much I appreciate her and by doing something nice for her this week…I know she likes coffee so I will probably bring her some and write her a letter. 2. My assumed constraints are surrounding dependability and creativity. This week I will plan and organize new recipes for my Daniel Plan group and I will attend Wednesday Workout group. 3. I need to delegate and have confidence in others that the work will get done. I need to build up my team rather than focusing on going it alone and taking on everything.

  • Elizabeth Green

    1. I will show unlimited liability to my husband. By the time the day is done, (house clean, kids in bed, etc) I feel like I have nothing left to give. I will put aside time in the morning to spend with my husband. I hate waking up early but I hate short-changing him even more. 🙂
    2. I lack self-confidence to operate fully where God has placed me (roles at work, home and church). I will post reminders to myself that I am daughter of God, a graceful pillar carved to beautify a place and the plans God has for me are good… (Ps114:12 & Jer29:11)
    3. I try to over compensate for my lack of self confidence by going it alone. I need to put down some plates (and my ego that says I can do it all myself) and encourage/ allow others to participate with me.

  • Briana Carr

    1. I can show love to my son by purposefully telling him I love him and taking time to give him my undivided attention.
    2. I can challenge my assumed constraints by refusing to let my lack of self confidence keep me from being myself. By allowing myself to freely be me I can love those around me (my family) unconditionally.
    3. To increase my teamwork ability I need to value the capabilities of my peers and allow them to shine In their strengths rather than micromanaging them.

  • Rachael Plock

    QUESTION #1: Spiritual Leadership – Who will you show “unlimited liability” (love) this week and how will you do it?
    – I did this by taking time to check on my coworkers workload. My coworker was overwhelmed and very sick physical. His projects and clients were all seemingly “on fire” and as I am copied in on many of his emails and simply decided I would manage at least one fire for him and get our supportive staff to respond to some others. It blessed him a lot and I am happy to have done it.

    QUESTION #2: Self Leadership – How will you challenge your assumed constraints this week?
    I challenged my restraints by accepted a transitioned project even though I know its a global project and I am limited in my experience. I believe God gave me the position I have for a reason and I’m not afraid. This also challenged me personally…I had an experience of a past hurt come crashing through my doors and it challenged me on if I was going to show God to him or show who I used to be to him and I prayed in the moment and showed him Gods love and redemption of my heart not the bitterness of what had been done to me in the past. Good stuff this week.

    QUESTION #3: Peer Leadership – What can you do this week to increase your teamwork ability?
    Last week I empowered a group to speak up about some issues that are hindering their team and in doing so the issue has been brought into the light. In terms of my team I am excited to be writing a guide for a team to better their experiences in their roles on my team. I am going to keep asking “What can I do to help you” and believe it will teach me to prioritize my work even better.
    This past week was great.

  • Sarah Eichas

    QUESTION #1: Spiritual Leadership – Who will you show “unlimited liability” (love) this week and how will you do it?
    My sister Darcy, I will offer my time to help care for my nephews who are both at such impressionable and fun ages.

    QUESTION #2: Self Leadership – How will you challenge your assumed constraints this week?
    I will be brave enough to either ask for change at my job, or more likely, leave this position for a new one with a different company. I will look into school loans. I will pick up my phone when my family calls and I will make calls to those I haven’t spoke to in some time.

    QUESTION #3: Peer Leadership – What can you do this week to increase your teamwork ability?
    I will remove myself from a team lacking a clear vision and a toxic goal. I will work on finding a new team where I am a 10 among other 10’s without believing that I am only leaving because I am not good enough. “Your past is not your past if it is affecting you today.”

    • Olivia Morgante

      These are awesome Sarah! Proud of you!!

  • Tom Neville

    1 – Will show unlimited liability to my direct reports at work this week and will tell them specifically how I care about their contribution to the office and how thankful I am for what they do.
    2 – I will talk with my spiritual leader at church about why I assume other people do not want to change and how that constrains me from sharing and giving. My damaged faith in other men needs to be healed so my assumed constraint will be removed. This will also be my focused pray in my quiet time this week.
    3 – I engaged my team recently by asking for them to share their dreams and goals and how I can help them achieve them. Now I will continue to ask how I can help them so I can prioritize my prayers and work with them but I will realize that it may also take them to be involved in the solution so as a team we will accomplish their dreams and goals. This will take me off my island and engage me further in the team work with Father God as our pilot.

  • Tiffany Harriman

    1) I will create time outside of scheduled activities to meet with a member of my Connect Group. I will focus on listening to what’s on her heart.
    2) I will challenge the assumption that I am not good with the “paperwork” aspects of taking on greater responsibility at work. I will prioritize those tasks so they get more of my attention.
    3) This week I will reach out to my serve team to communicate with them about upcoming scheduling. I will encourage them to give feedback on any areas of concern and will make myself available to help resolve those concerns.

  • Barb Sartin

    Q1: Unlimited liability comes easy for me and I tell people all the time that I love them. I don’t throw the word around with no meaning, I truly love people. I will make a point to continue this and tell family, friends, church family and team members how I love and appreciate them.
    Q2: One of my biggest assumed constraints is a feeling that “what I do or say is not good enough”. Sometimes I feel that I am not good enough. This causes me to work harder, walk carefully, talk carefully to try never to fall or face rejection. I will and have stood and talked with my leaders about what I have done on my team, how I did it and my future plans. This was difficult because it opened me up for failure.
    Q3. To increase teamwork ability. I will create task worksheets so that team members, new and seasoned, will all know what needs to be done. I will go over the task sheets with them and leave it on cleaning carts so that it is always available. I will give them information about other opportunities to serve, Easter, keep them aware of what is happening at TFH (Team night, Prayer, Core)

  • Bishop Patton

    Question 1: Showed unlimited liability during the week to my employees, a group of 14 agents that work in a call center doing customer service work for a Cellular provider. I found that when I made great connections with them outside of the norm that we produced better results, achieved personal goals and overcame team barriers.
    Question 2: My assumed constraints has been dealing with team management and time management. I took the time to plan ahead instead going with the flow of business. Noticed that I had more time to deal with other issues that I haven’t addressed in last couple of weeks.
    Question 3: Putting aside the behavior of being Naivete – seeking help from my peers instead of the being the one in control all the time. I passed the ball last week to my peers and those I manage. It felt great to receive the assistance and fresh perspective on business.

  • David Valle

    1. I will show “unlimited liability” (love) to my eldest son who is dealing with some relational issues at school due to his personality. I will spend some necessary 1 on 1 time with him this week and discuss some effective strategies on how to deal with certain situations in a Godly way.
    2. I tend to blame the majority of my assumed constraints on my “ADHD” which has resulted in the statements: “I’m not organized….I do not communicate well enough…..I have poor time management…….I do not feel qualified.
    I will challenge my “assumed constraints” by researching and implementing ways to get organized, how to effectively articulate and or communicate better, and how to become a better steward of my time with adult ADHD.
    3. I will increase my teamwork ability by teaching some of my fellow employees effective sales techniques I have used that works.

  • LouAnn

    Bruce and Jason,

    Your training again last night was excellent. One of the best parts of the evening was the worship, the starting prayer by Bruce, God’s presence, and when Pastor Pierre spoke in the beginning and at the end of the meeting. I call Pastor Pierre “The Platinum Pastor” because his annointed words from God which he shares with us are more valuable than gold. I also enjoy hearing real life examples, and I heard plenty last night—thank you!!! I was grateful to hear the panel of three talk about their real life leadership challenges and assumed constraints. I enjoy hearing how they utilized the leadership practices we have learned as they worked through their challenges and constraints. Our table is enjoying the classes very much and we are having a lot of fun. Latoya is an excellent facilitator! Thank you to TFH for investing time in us all to make us better leaders and better fully-surrendered Christians, to fulfill the mission of sharing our Lord Jesus Christ with the world!

    Have a blessed day,

    Lou Ann and husband Chalmer

  • Bobby Hill

    My boss at work ( Target Store Greece) Dave Fluviot. At first, I jokingly told him ” I love you like a brother, Man!!!, but later that day told him honestly how much appreciate him as a my Team leader, how he ( to me ) display the qualities of a servant leader as willing to teach and help us do our job. This week I challenged my assumed constraints by listening carefully and intently to what others are saying and being confident in explaining my ideas clearly. To increase my teamwork ability, I decided to listen carefully, staying focus and helping co-workers who need help.

  • Charlene Carley

    1) A member of my Connect group is going through a difficult season. She is dealing with depression and anxiety. I called her during the week to check-in. We
    prayed on the phone, and I encouraged her to trust God and know that he has a solution and plan for her life! 2) One of my assumed constraints is that I’m a
    non-technical person. I challenged this assumption by getting on my computer this week, and I was determined to locate songs that were downloaded into my
    I-Tunes account. I was able to find all of them, create a playlist, and burn a CD, Just the thought of doing something technical overwhelms me. I’m learning
    that I can do more, technically speaking, than I realize. I just need to be patient with myself. 3) I had plans to leave my job for two weeks to have surgery. I have
    a partner with whom I work side-by-side in a Surgical Procedure Center. Prior to going on sick leave, I made sure everything was done and in place for my
    co-worker so she wouldn’t be bogged down with extra work. Teamwork makes all the

  • Rebecca

    I will show unlimited liability to the people in my program. I will do what it takes to help them and love them no matter what im doing or how tired I am.
    I will change my assumed constraints by doing research of how to change them and start looking for mentors that can help me grow and improve.

    I will work on my insecurity and surround myself with people who challenge me to be better, and not be afraid of others perspectives, suggestions that are different than mine.