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FREEWAY is a journey that includes not only our Sunday messages but also small groups. To undergird this experience, each participant is encouraged to work through the Freeway workbook where you can capture your thoughts, engage in simple life experiments as you explore your story and connect with friends.

THE TRUTH IS we are more human, more wobbly and more fragile than we wish we actually were. But we are also more holy, more heavenly, and stronger than we could ever imagine. For every heart cracked open, every story looking for redemption and every person longing to live the free way, this is for you. 

Join a Group

Meeting with 3-10 people for 7 sessions at home, a coffee shop, at church or as a serve team. Freeway is about going on a journey with others, participating through your Freeway book, simple life experiments, watching videos with your group and having honest conversation.

How often do Groups meet?
To ensure healthy and sustainable rhythms with as few collisions with other events, we are recommending connect groups follow an alternating week pattern. (This is up to your group, especially if you are already part of a connect group that has a different meeting rhythm)

Lead a Group
Fellowship One
Freeway Videos

The ultimate way to experience Freeway!
Pick up your personal FREEWAY interactive journal from the bookstore for $10