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A pilgrimage is a journey to a special or unusual place. This Easter we invite you to go on a pilgrimage with us to the last week of Jesus’ life. Often referred to as, Holy Week.

Through His story, our lives have purpose and meaning.  Because of Him we are forgiven and loved.  We have peace where there should be pain. This truth is greater than all the losses and sorrows of life. Because of Him death does not have the final word.

Our prayer, as we start this journey together is that we may recapture the weightiness and the gift of our Savior’s sacrifice, death and resurrection that forever marks our lives.

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easter weekend

A celebration of life & hope.

Come as you are to any services at The Father’s House Church, our doors are always open to you.

Find a service near you:

sat, april 15
5 & *7pm

sun, april 16
9am, *11am & 1pm

*ASL (Chili Campus)

chili campus
715 Paul Road, 14624

greece campus
150 Bellwood Dr, 14606

what to expect

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good friday

A service of shadow & contrast. “tenebrae”

Memorializing the crucifixion of Jesus at this powerful, somber experience: readings, contemplative prayers, silence, and the extinguishing of candles—culminating in total darkness.

fri, april 14
5pm & *7p

*ASL (Chili Campus)

Chili & Greece Campuses
Kids Programs (Babies – Grade 5)

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stations of the cross

An interactive experience of the Easter story for all ages.

For 3 days our Chili Campus will be transformed into eight stations that fully immerse an individual or small group into the passion narrative.  At the first station receive a map with instructions to guide you through the experience.  Start your journey through an installation on creation as you reflect on the beauty of God’s plan, pause at the garden of Gethsemane, witness the betrayal of Judas and participate in reliving the last days of Jesus all the way to death, burial and forgiveness.

mon, tues & wed
April 10, 11 & 12

12pm – 9pm

chili campus
715 Paul Road, 14624

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palm sunday

A service of anticipation & preparation.

The start of Holy Week. In the Entrance with the Palms we experience the joyous demonstration of loyalty to Jesus as he enters Jerusalem.

sun, april 9
8.15, *10 & 11:45am

*ASL (Chili Campus)

Chili & Greece Campuses
Kids Programs (Babies – Grade 5)