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We know that God wants to use us to renovate His world, to love His people by meeting their spiritual and physical needs. In 2010, we launched our Downtown Campus to do just that.

In 2013, we cast our first ‘Love Renovation’ vision – a picture of what it would look life if we all grew in our conviction to reach the people in our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools to know Jesus. We asked the question: What would it look like if we reshaped the purpose of this campus to not only provide a weekend church experience buy also function as a mission and outreach hub?

Since then, we have partnered with existing organizations such as Cameron Community Ministries and Crisis Nursery of Rochester to make a difference. In September 2015, we launched our TFH Food Pantry, where we saw 221 bags of food given away within just two days of opening!

We celebrate what God is doing and yet we know it is time for us to take our next step and we believe it involves strengthening our outreach focus.

In October 2015, we are transitioning our downtown location to become our Life Center | City Extension: an expression of the heart of our church in the local community, where we will mobilize volunteers to serve and impact our own backyard.

Life Center will have range of weekly programs, services and projects aimed to help people specifically in our community. In order to maximize effectiveness, Life Center will operate during the week and will provide transportation to TFHGreece on the weekends. Our mission is to renovate the city with God’s love by seeing families strengthened, young people pursue their dreams and individuals connect in community. Every story matters, together it is possible!




150 Bellwood Drive
Rochester, NY 14606


Sat 6:00pm
Sun 8:30am 10:00am 11:45am


Buses from the Life Center to TFHGreece are available for those without reliable transportation to weekend services. 28 Lawn Street • Bus arrives Saturdays 5pm • Departs 5:15pm



“It has been a privilege to serve and Pastor the Downtown Campus over the last few years. My wife, Leticia, and I have experience some of the most memorable moments of life change during this season. This is why we are so excited about the new direction that God is taking the Downtown Campus, which will now be known as The TFH Life Center! Our expectation is high and we are thankful for the amazing leadership energy of D-Will and Amanda Williams as they forge a brand new path at TFH. Leticia and I will be transitioning to the Greece Campus to lead the Adult Ministries team there. It is a brand new season for our church family and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do next!”